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Computer & Virus Repair

Computer repair.  Virus repair.  Words that put a lump in your throat.  One minute you’re flying around the internet or working on a valuable paper, then one click and…BAM!  Something bad happened.  You need to repair your computer NOW!  The next thing you know, you’re in a long line, feeling VERY overwhelmed and at the mercy of some “Associate”, who’s going to charge you just to look at it?  We’ll take a gander for FREE.

Free always tastes better.

lake county graphic art design geeks

Graphic Design

A great graphic designer portrays and expresses feelings and emotions through visual designs, using a combination of text and graphics for advertising; brochures, flyers, packaging, billboards, logos, signs, t-shirts, infographics, and letterhead or custom designs for any sized business.

Fortunately, we’re great.

lake county graphic web design geeks

Web Design

The problem we see with today’s website design & development for small businesses?  A good number of them are done by a friend of a friend of a guy at work who knows a person they went to school with.  Unfortunately, that person usually turns out to be their kid.

We pride ourselves on offering website solutions that work for every budget.


One-of-a-Kind Gifts

Gifts.  99% of the time, it’s a pain.  If you get the wrong gift, it will haunt you.  Forever.  We can make it much safer to give.  How about putting your cherished videos on DVD’s?  Maybe repairing those 50 year old images of your family?  Maybe you have something different in mind?

Ever since “Photoshop” has become a verb, people have been fascinated with the photo-manipulating results of this great program.  We KNOW Photoshop, and can cobble you a great gift from any image you give us.  We can magically change it into an oil painting, a 3D portrait, even make it a statue or put it on a coin!

Now, THOSE are great gifts.

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